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Private Railroad Car For Sale

private railroad car for sale

    private railroad

  • A private railroad is a railroad run by a private corporation, as opposed to a railroad run by a public sector.

    for sale

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool’s Garden, released in 2000.
  • purchasable: available for purchase; “purchasable goods”; “many houses in the area are for sale”
  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.


  • A vehicle that runs on rails, esp. a railroad car
  • A railroad car of a specified kind
  • A road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people
  • a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; “he needs a car to get to work”
  • the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant
  • a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad; “three cars had jumped the rails”

Henry Ford & Edison Railroad

Henry Ford & Edison Railroad
I live a few houses away from these tracks the only ones like them in the world they streach from Flat Rock to Dearborn This shot was in Allen Park.
Henry Ford built this as his Private Railroad with the help of Thomas A Edison. Edison was experimenting with an electric railway thus the giant cement archways.
the arches held a cable that the railcars would come in contact with to power them.

Circus Museum – John Ringling's Railroad Car

Circus Museum - John Ringling's Railroad Car
John Ringling’s private railroad car, "Wisconsin," has been restored, and is in the Circus Museum, part of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida. This photo shows the car just before restoration was completed. The car was not yet open to the public.
private railroad car for sale